Lexical Cohesion Георги Велев, фак. № 44-061

Lexical cohesion identifies the ties created among lexical components, such as words (e. g. rabbit), groups (e. g. the velveteen rabbit), and phrases (e. g. get up steam). These lexical ties can happen over lengthy passages of text or discourse. The principal paradigmatic types of lexical cohesion (meaning words of the same type or class) are repetition, synonymy, hyponymy, and meronymy. Duplication:  using a similar word once again, but not restricted to the same morphological form (572). E. g. using run (V),  run (N),  ran, running, runner,  etc., all within the same text. Synonymy:  using words which might be in some way associated, or, in the case of antonymy, in some way antonymous. Elizabeth. g. Synonyms: sound-noise; Antonyms: sound-silence

Hyponymy:  one expression represents " a class of thing and the second either a superclass or a subclass, yet another class additionally level" (574) E. g. tree- oak, pine, elm

Meronymy:  words that refer to parts of an entire.

E. g. tree- shoe, branch, tea leaf

Lexical combination differs in the other natural elements in text in this it is non-grammatical. Lexical combination refers to the " cohesive effect attained by the selection of vocabulary” We could declare it protects any instance in which the make use of a lexical item recalls the impression of an before one.

Both the basic kinds of lexical combination are reiteration and match.

Reiteration is the replication of an earlier item, a synonym, a near synonym, a superordinate or a standard word, but it really is totally different from personal reference, because it will not necessarily require the same identification.

After the sequence:

I saw a boy in the yard. The young man (repetition)was climbing a tree. I was concerned with the child (superordinate). The poor man (synonym)was naturally not up to it. The idiot (general word) would definitely fall if he (pronoun)didn't take care.

We're able to conclude simply by...


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