The purpose of this kind of lab is definitely verify Hess's Law.


Method 1

Calculated the amount of NaOH to arrange 1 . zero M NaOH solution. Received a clean and dry calorimeter and noted weight that has been 17. 615g. 100mL of water was added to the calorimeter. The calorimeter was weighed again. The mass of the calorimeter with normal water was 116. 048g. Measured out the mass of of about 4. 00g of NaOH and used a mortar and pestle to mill it right into a powder. Added the NaOH to the calorimeter. The temperatures was recorded as well as the calorimeter was weighed again. The quantity of high temperature transferred to the dissolution of NaOH inside the water was written.

Method 2

A clean 150mL beaker was weighed and mass was written to 73. 661g. 100mL of 1. zero M HCL was attained and placed in the beaker. The beaker was acessed for a next time which will had a mass of 174. 323g. The temperature was taken and recorded. The temperature in the NaOH option in the calorimeter was tested which was thirty four. 9 degrees Celsius. Both solutions had been the added too the calorimeter and temperature was recorded after two mins. The quantity of warmth transferred to the neutralization of NaOH and HCL was written.

Technique 3

A calorimeter was cleaned and dried and mass was written as 17. 594g. 100mL of remedy was placed in a calorimeter. The calorimeter and HCL solution a mass of 121. 829g. The temperature of the HCL solution was recorded. Measured your mass of of about 5. 00g of NaOH and used a mortar and pestle to grind that into a natural powder. The temperature of the solution was measured until it was constant. The calorimeter was reweighed once again and mass was recorded. The amount of heat utilized in the neutralization of NaOH and HCL was recorded.


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Hess's Law states which a chemical method is in addition to the path obtained from the initial for the final express. Hess's law can be used to discover the energy...


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