Arete limitations:

* Minimum enroute eminence with autopilot engaged: – 1100 ft above the surface. * Non-precision approaches – 50 foot below MDA, but not below 1100 foot above the earth * Combined ILS techniques – 50 feet under DH but not less than eighty feet above the ground Obstruct IV Autopilot mode selector:

5. Aux/Nav: inoperative, tied to nav eqipment.

* HDG SEL: turns aeroplanes to proceeding selected by the captains planning bug. 2. MAN: going and hohe control. Make use of the turn/pitch knob. * NAV/LOC: captures and tracks a VOR or LOC consistency set by captain. Aeroplanes must be within just ½ us dot displacement to get VOR. you ½ dots for localizer. * VEHICLE G/S: Records and keeps localizer and glide slope (700fpm primary decent). Need to activate ahead of passing through glideslope. * PERSON G/S: not normally utilized. Used once AUTO G/S ineffective. Aircraft automatically pitches down 700fpm and after 12 seconds preserves glideslope with 20 level pitch ability. Block 4 switches and knobs:

* HDG SEL: combined with any method ecept GUY G/S. Turns to and holds boat captains CDI hdg. Will quickly shut off the moment turn button is transferred out of center detent or in the event the capture/track stage is joined in AUTO G/S or perhaps NAV/LOC. * Turn and Pitch control: moves selector to GENTLEMAN when utilized. Allowed 30 degrees of lender. Inoperative in the event: * Altitude hold switch on

* Method selector to MAN G/S.

* Mode selector to AUTO G/S and proven on G/S.

2. Aileron and Elevator Employ levers: Has to be engaged to used GUY G/S or perhaps AUTO G/S. failure of any interlock, pressing yoke disconnect, or changing CDI SELECT switch will disenegage levers. * Altitude Carry switch: contain the aircrafts pressure altitude in those days. Disengages in the event: * Elevator axis disengaged

* Method selector to MAN G/S.

* Method selector to AUTO G/S and proven on G/S.

Autopilot annunciator panel:

5. VOR/LOC and GLIDE INCLINE amber and green: provided...


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