In Boston, Massachusetts, the Sons of Liberty protested Parliament's passageway of the Tea Act in 1773 by throwing plenty of taxed tea into Boston Harbor, an act installed to be known as the Boston Tea Party. Information of the celebration reached England in January 1774. Legislative house responded using a series of acts that were meant to punish Boston for this illegitimate destruction of private property, restore British expert in Ma, and otherwise reform imperialiste government in America. -The Boston Port Action, the first of the serves passed in response to the Boston Tea Get together, closed the port of Boston until the East India Company had been repaid intended for the ruined tea and until the ruler was satisfied that buy had been renewed. Colonists objected that the Interface Act penalized all of Boston rather than only the individuals who had destroyed the tea, and they were being penalized without having been given an opportunity to testify in their personal defense. -The Massachusetts Authorities Act created even more invective than the Slot Act since it unilaterally altered the government of Massachusetts to bring it under control of the British government. Under the terms of the Authorities Act, just about all positions in the colonial federal government were to be designated by the chief excutive or the ruler. The action also significantly limited the activities of area meetings in Massachusetts. Settlers outside Massachusetts feared that their government authorities could today also be changed by the legal fiat of Parliament. -The Administration of Justice Work allowed the governor to maneuver trials of accused noble officials to a new colony or even to Great Britain if this individual believed the state could not get yourself a fair trial in Massachusetts. Although the act stipulated that witnesses will be paid for all their travel expenditures, in practice few colonists may afford to leave all their work and cross the ocean to testify in a trial. That allowed British officials to harass People in america and then break free justice. Several colonists presumed the act...


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