My grandma and grandpa used to own a house that overlooked the ocean, every school holiday, my loved ones would visit this part of the country, and that we would spend a good two weeks there. These kinds of weeks had been filled with frivolity and screams of us kids. But now, with my grandparents in the simply sleep that lasts forever, we have stopped our trips.

With its old wood and rickety presence, it did not look like very much. But to me personally, this residence was a lot more. This property appeared in so many of my childhood recollections, memories buried deep underneath all the new reminiscences which were made in Melbourne. But regardless of small the ratio can be, I value these recollections and they will always have a place during my heart.

There were one spot in this residence where I possibly could sit for several hours thinking, dreaming. Many people dislike the feeling of breeze of their looks, my sibling included. Nevertheless I adore this. I love how a gales of wind send out my frizzy hair into a untamed frenzy behind me. The soft whack of the breeze on my encounter left this icy yet always appeared to calm myself down. I came to like the feeling of the subtle painful sensation that always occurred after the wind blew on it for the certain time period. When I close my eyes and let my mind wander, I feel like I am flying. It is every kid's dream to be able to fly and I am not any different. The wind on my encounter and my relaxed condition is my personal release through the real world; it offers me independence that I are not able to obtain in my life as a human being.

People ask how come I love this kind of house a lot. I don't know why I like this place so much compared to my home in Melbourne. It could in the familiar situation and the ambiance I had produced accustomed with. Maybe it is all the memories made in them of this base that made me grow a detailed connection with this house.

One of the best times of the day is if the sun is at the edge in the horizon. That sends outstanding streaks of colors into the deepening blue heavens, lightening up to transmission the ending of the morning....


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