Edward de Recibo was born in Malta about 19 May 1933. His father, Joseph, was a Professor of Medicine, and was awarded a CBE. His mother, Josephine, was ine of the first feminine journalists writing for The changing times of Malta. He went to St Edward's College, Malta, during World War II and then the University of Malta in which he qualified in medicine. He preceded, as a Rhodes Scholar, to Christ Church, Oxford, where he received an honours degree in psychology and physiology and then a Deb. Phil in medicine. This individual also contains a Ph level. D from Cambridge and an MD in the University of Malta. He has organised appointments in the universities of Oxford, London, uk, Cambridge and Harvard. Dr de Recibo is the leading specialist in two domains, the field of creative thinking as well as the direct teaching of considering as a skill. During his research in Cambridge into the brain as being a self-organising program, he set up and described The Cognitive Research Trust. The CoRT Thinking System for schools, comprising 70 lessons or thinking 'tools', has been in use since 70. In 1985, Dr de Bono released The Half a dozen Thinking Hats Framework, a method widely used in operation and education. Today, this individual has an intercontinental reputation. He continues to create prolifically, give seminars and refine his New Considering methods. He has created more than seventy books printed in 34 languages. He has been asked to address in 52 countries around the world. Dr de Bono is the originator with the term, 'lateral thinking', a style that is both equally simple and highly effective. A unique component of Dr sobre Bono's function is the widespread acceptance of his methods. In Fresh Zealand the first university to combine CoRT in the standard subjects did so in 1975. In Singapore, 102 secondary universities use his work. In Beijing, China, there are educational institutions using his methods for administration and programs delivery. Similar programmes are underway in India, Malaysia, Australia and the Gulf States to mention just a few. Dr sobre Bono worked with many international...


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