Fowler, Sweeney, and Kohlberg are three examples of trust movements. These kinds of movements identify the steps of development in our faith and moral code. When Jesus said, " the Kingdom of God is within you” he was making us aware of the partnership we have with God, ourselves, and other.

Fowler broke down the development of faith into half a dozen stages. Stage one is intuitive-projective faith. This stage is made for pre-school children where their particular basic thoughts about God, Jesus, as well as the Church will be learned off their family. Level two can be mythic-literal hope. This stage is for kids from age range six to 12. Their beliefs becoming inspired from a wider group of friends of people including teachers, friends, and local clergy. Children commence to become aware that there are other ways of understanding faith. Level three is usually synthetic-conventional hope. This level is by age twelve, sometimes through adulthood. This kind of stage in concerned with the interpersonal requirement for approval by way of a peers. Anyone uses the views of significant others in growing their own views. Stage four is individual-projective faith. This kind of stage may begin in late young years or early adulthood. The person focuses on taking responsibility as a grown-up for one's very own commitments and belief devices. Doubt, asking yourself, struggling with new concepts, and rejection of traditional assumptions are very standard. Stage five is conjunctive faith. This is certainly a mature trust which many people never truly reach. Determination to politics and ethical values deepens in this level. Stage half a dozen is universalizing faith. This stage is most rarely come to. The person goes beyond beliefs or maybe a way of living to total, unswerving commitment to the will of The almighty. Examples include St . Francis of Assisi and Mother Teresa.

Sweeney broke down the introduction of faith in six levels as well. Level one is innovative faith. Children until age seven are from this stage. Pictures of The almighty cause fear, guilt, and worry to the children are the true dangers to faith...


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