The Italian language Job

Following watching and taking notes inside the lecture the first video that came to mind that I believed had many of the elements discussed was The Italian Job. The main elements I could see in this film were, innovative use of pressure buildup and release through audio approaches and different movements and viewpoints with the camera. Many details in the movie instrumental music was being utilized to set or create a feeling of puzzle while the selection of " thieves” are in the middle or doing a heist. This starts off very early on in the film on the 1st heist, music of fast tempo and drums are being used while the men are staying chased simply by police and also other people in boats. The background music used over the movie allows and boost your adrenaline and gets your attention. This movie includes a lot of actions and uses many different viewpoints and moves with the camera. Depth of focus was used in the motion picture to help and focus your attention on the main things going on inside the scene. During shots high is a busy background with individuals the movie director blurred or perhaps distorted the fact that was going on in the back so that you would concentrate on the people and action inside the foreground. Specific scenes in Venice and the mountains, initially of the film, the representative has used lean shots to focus high up for the landscape and scenery surrounding the area after which tilt downward onto the actors. Panning shots and track photographs were also applied very often inside the film, especially during car chasing moments during the climax of the film. While driving by busy packed LA roadways the cams are both riding combined with small tiny coopers found in the film by songs or they may be attached to the car so you can seem like you will be moving combined with cars. The best scenes from this film happen to be the ones were the director used monitor to follow just and cause you to be it built you feel as you were a passenger along for the ride.


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