Discuss many ways in which Tennessee Williams contrasts the heroes of Amanda and Laura in the opening scenes of " The Glass Menagerie”

To begin with, much of the personas in ‘The Glass Menagerie' are, to some extent, based on Tennessee Williams' friends and family itself. One can argue that the play is within some way an image of Williams' family, this means that he was capable of create characters which seem realistic, with proper people and thoughts. Amanda and Laura would be the only girl characters in the play, mom and girl, they are total opposites. Amanda is a great egocentric, central aged woman who treats her grown children as if they were kids as well as attempting to live her life through her crippled daughter, Laura. Laura can be physically and emotionally crippled, she is a woman who will be shy and extremely insecure. The two are contrasting personas yet 1 similarity between both, is the fact that that both equally want to live in the past, Amanda always reminiscing about her life in Blue Pile and her gentlemen callers, and Laura, clinging with her childhood goblet collection not wanting to live in the current. To distinction both character types, Williams uses different devices such as their relationship with one another and other persons, clothing, activities and language. These devices help distinguish equally characters. Already in the opening scene, Williams presents all of us the character of Amanda. Within just only a few moments after seeing her for the first time, the audience is coated a clear picture of her personality. Through her vocabulary we see how demanding she is, " may push with your fingers”; we come across how the lady treats her adult child, Tom, as though he were a child. The lady speaks using a very hostile tone to Tom, constantly giving orders such as; " We won't be able to say style until you come to the table! ”, this kind of shows how demanding Amanda is of her children. Amanda is constantly pressing the idea of men callers onto Laura consequently making Laura feel submissive and...


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