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Volume level 5 Issue 5 (November 2012)


Ethnicity Retail outlet Format: New Retail Approach

Towards American indian Legacy


With mounting traditional western influence and focus on revival of traditional Indian style elements, selection in India sees a large number of faces. To take care of the pride of the traditions and to give a platform to small Indian brands, foreseeable future group initiated ethnocentrism strategy by beginning ethnicity store in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This initiative provides provided fresh format ideas to structured retailers to expand all their horizons in highly unstable Indian consumer oriented industry.

A new file format has always been an issue to any retailer to support into the marketplace. In the changing face of market, to regain desire of consumers to nationalized brands, can be appeared from a confronting perspective. This developed an panic in the brain of analysts and motivated them to go through the research to comprehend the racial concept.

Racial format is usually studied based upon the 1st ethnicity retail store set up in the location of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and glimpses will be taken from the second and third store placed in Mumbai and Pune correspondingly. Research is supplementary followed by primary in character. This paper gives observations into the total set up of ethnicity structure that includes differentiating Criteria's of ethnicity compared to regular price tag formats depending on observation in the store. Customer survey based review is also performed to obtain opinion upon ethnicity store and paper gives information into helpful category to buy for long term developments

Consumers have offered a very good respond to the new strategy. Along with shopping, experiences of consumers' with the structure have given a lasting effect on their mind-set. Further Cisura market, Lagu Market, Thoda aur market are found attracting consumers and still have gained great preference of consumers followed by Sona-chandi market Boca India and Ghar aangan market. The insights in concept creation and suggested potential expanded formats of ethnicity may readily act as a pillar to stand into the market for new retailers. Keywords: Racial, Ethnocentrism, Arranged Retail, Nationalized brands.


Indian trend industry is moving to westernization

due to high level of acceptance of foreign brands by

the consumers. For this reason, western brands are getting

a wider platform than the cultural brands through the

country. Therefore, national/ethnic items are even

overlooked by customers and time may come that such

products may go away from the market. To protect

the Indian history, Future group took up the maiden

project to provide a space to American indian products and

brands under its very own name and fame

Upcoming Group, India's leading business house with strong

existence in full sector, launched a new price tag format,

relatives lifestyle shop - Racial, in Ahmadabad to market

ethnic brands and products of India in 2008. This chain

is a major family format created after the kick off of

*Professor, G. L. Patel Content Graduate Institute of Business Management, Sardar Patel University or college, Vallabh Vidyanagar. **Assistant Mentor, N. Ur. Institute of Business Administration (GLS-MBA), Gujarat Technological School, Ahmedabad.

Pacific cycles Business Review International


highly good family forms like Pantaloons, Big

Bazaar, and Area.

The new store format that is billed since 'Everything

Of india, seeks in promoting ethnic brands, ranging from

ethnic and blend wear, Jewellery, handicrafts, residence

decor, beauty products to accessories and items. ' As a result

ethnicity showcases a large number of tiny Indian

brands under one roof. Ethnicity besides promoting the

culture of cultural products, give a modern system

to augment the existence of the stores into the market.

Research Goals




To comprehend the concept of racial as a new

retail formatting

To understand...

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