Scary Films

An American short story published in 95 written by Steven Amidon.

Have always been racial concerns in America, which is no wonder since the Americans took black persons as slaves a long time ago. Yet , in the beginning of the 20th 100 years the process of resolving the ethnicity issues in the usa begun. Even so, it was an extremely difficult process, which really has not come to an end yet.

The storyline takes place within a suburb of recent York in the year of late 1960s. The main persona is a nine-year-old white woman and the history is about her experiences within the killing from the civil rights campaigner Matn Luther King. She, and her friend go to the movie to watch horror movies, just to discover that these are the only white colored people inside the theatre. They both get a little bit frightened, since they are not used to being and so close to the dark-colored people: There were little get in touch with between all of us. True, our cleaning women [... ] were dark, though we were holding a mainly invisible occurrence in our lives. We realized nothing about our dark-colored neighbours various other that the terrible jokes our parents occasionally told. This shows all of us that the regular white parents thought small of the blacks, which certainly influenced youngsters to feel, threatened to be around the dark-colored people.

Though the two children discover that it is not harmful being among their dark-colored peers. They will join the mood of pleasure, as they realize that the dark people usually do not want to harm them. They think that a part of the crowd, the crowd like they have never seen just before. The small black persons engage in the movie in a way that both young white children acquired never viewed, and they obtain very leaving. This is probably an evidence of the fact that the blacks and the whites possess a different lifestyle. Another example of this is the gospel choirs and the black means of going to chapel compared to the white way. Anyways, the two youngsters are very astonished by the way they are really with the motion picture, and they have fun with this...


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