Chapter 1

The Problem as well as its Background


A computer primarily based system is something in which the pc plays an important role which kind of method is needed simply by every companies and establishments nowadays. This can be the best way of storing and retrieving data on a storage space or hard disk drive rather than using papers and file cupboards. This will help the registrar of Buyabod University of Disciplines and Trade generates a simple and efficient data they want.

The Buyabod School of Arts and Trade had been established on the year 2k under the Republic Act 87130. It is among the prominent universities in the province that offers Vocational and Specialized Education. The primary goal was to develop, train and equip the students not only with knowledge although also skills in turn to produce quality workforce that is highly productive and adaptable to the newly rising trends in technology. This kind of school includes approximately 600 students; therefore the given employees have to perform their work in a competent time with precise information in order to cater to all the enrollees and other outdated students.

The Buyabod University of Disciplines and Trade use a manual method within their enrollment program. As a result that they encountered unforeseen problems like loss of info and slower transaction. Because the supporters conducted their particular research and analyze the present system, they have already decided to advise a computer based enrollment system at that allows the faculty and operations of the university to gain a great services for each students and address the issues that occurs for their manual registration system to ensure that institution will probably be one or the main institution in the province. History of the Analyze

As the rapid improvement in our technology arises today, many beneficial and efficient machines are being used. One example is a enrollment procedure from the traditional way to a computerized 1.

Today within our country many universities and other educational institutions are utilizing the one stage enrollment with the aid of computers or perhaps the so called computerized enrollment.

Automation in the enrollment will be very helpful not merely for the college but also for the scholars as well. The proposed computer system based registration system in Buyabod College of Arts and Operate was proposed in order to enhance their services.

The proponents conducted several studies and assessed the existing system of Buyabod Institution of Disciplines and Operate. They found that there are many problems encountered by the faculty when it comes to their enrollment system such as not enough man electric power, slow technique of the deal, missing in the student's record and slow process in releasing the documents.

Through this rendering of hassle-free enrollment method, both the students and concerned workers will be gained because it is more quickly than the classic process of registration. It is also even more secured since the files happen to be being stored properly.


As the researchers carried out an interview together with the registrar of Buyabod Institution of Disciplines and Control, they were capable of gather information about the Enrollment System of this establishment.

This study aims to:

1 . Analyze and assess the existing registration system of Buyabod School of Arts and trade and develop a pc based Registration System that could compensate the school's not enough manpower. 2 . To develop a process that can create quick details needed by the students. several. Help the faculty and personnel of Buyabod School of Arts and Trade to have a system that may store student's information. some. To eliminate of minimize the paper works and retrieve students record instantly.


The Buyabod School of Artistry and Transact use manual process issues enrollment system which causes the unexpected problem.

This study aims to discover answer to this questions:

1 ) What are processes involved in the existing enrollment approach to...


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