In today's society, it has become very clear that the general public has become enthusiastic about obtaining just of information that becomes available, in spite of whether or not it really is associated with yourself. A good method of obtaining information is throughout the public multimedia, which in itself features several limbs such as movie star media, athletics media etc. One can argue that media provides an extremely natural part by informing the public over a large scale, in contrast, also, it is easily asserted that mass media can behave as bacteria, slowing down viewers with un-needed info which could be looked at dangerous in some instances. Natural Born Killers is the most successful film in exposing the ironic relationship between mass media and it's attentive viewers. Not only does media allow Mickey and Mallory Knox's destructive tendencies, but likewise the power the media has on the general public using its ability to effect the group's emotions.

It is apparent that the characters of Mickey mouse and Mallory Knox have already been created with a sense of evil, dark individuals that will be borderline psychotic. Throughout the movie, their desire to kill becomes more turned, more cynical as it is evident that tough has become a hobby to the fatal couple. Nevertheless , as the film moves along, there is a deficiency of judicial presence and in reality, the opposite occurs when the show ‘American Maniacs' begins reporting around the Knox few and changes them in to nationally acknowledged superstars. Having seen themselves on television, and most significantly realizing they may have begun to obtain a fan base just supports their conquest, terrorizing each community that they give their trip that seems to have no destination. Media successfully transformed an obviously crazy and lethal couple in to celebrities among the public.

In this film, not only do media effect the activities of Mickey mouse and Mallory, but it also instilled a mindset within its viewers that what this couple was doing was completely suitable. This...


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