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Worker Performance Connection System

Mid-Term Progress Assessment and

Functionality Plan Revisions


Is actually time for administrators and managers to give mid-term, performance feedback! В It is now time to let your employees know what they have been succeeding and should continue doing and in what methods performance could possibly be improved or perhaps enhanced. В A written narrative is not required intended for issuance towards the employee apart from when functionality is bad.

Remember, a single progress assessment at roughly mid-point inside the performance evaluation cycle is essential, however , to have well-developed artists, you must engage them regularly.

Important Dates

(Note Credit reporting Requirements)

The mid-point intended for the May possibly 2006-April 2007 performance appraisal cycle can be October-November. Make sure you complete your progress opinions by November 30. In the event you established the performance evaluation at a later date, compute the dates representing the mid-point inside the performance period. For example , you issued a performance intend on August you, 2006, for the appraisal period closing April 31, 2007. The mid-point will probably be approximately mid-December through mid-January and the efficiency progress review should be finished not after than mid-February. Is it fine to perform the mid-cycle progress review sooner than the final of the mid-point? Yes, you could conduct the review in a reasonable period of time around the mid-point of the efficiency cycle, nevertheless , ensure the performance prepare has been in place for the minimum evaluation period because shown below.

|Employee |Minimum Appraisal Period | |Non-bargaining unit staff |90 days and nights | |Covered by Communautaire Bargaining Arrangement (CBA) with Goddard Designers, |120 days and nights | |Scientists & Specialists Association (GESTA) |

Reporting Requirements

The Office of Personnel Supervision (OPM), the Department with oversight and regulatory expert for the Federal performance management system, collects data to determine how well Agencies will be implementing functionality processes and thereby meeting the requirements intended for maintaining it is " Green” status intended for performance answerability under the President's Management Goal.

To meet the reporting requirement concerning Improvement Reviews carried out, Goddard need to certify to NASA Headquarters that mid-cycle reviews have already been completed in agreement with OPM appraisal assessment requirements. Consequently , mid-cycle testimonials should be completed not later than The fall of 30, 2006, except in those occasions when the mid-cycle progress review must be postponed. We demand supervisors certify the number of opinions completed, the number that could not really be finished (and the reason) for the Human Capital Representative to get the organization not really later than December 4. The Human Capital Representative will likely then forward the information via email to Bernadette Fowler at Bernadette. G. [email protected] gov, Office of Human Capital Management, Performance and Worklife...


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