Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston in January 19, 1809 during his life he was one of the celebrated copy writers of darker poetry and fiction. He has a unique style of Gothicism in his narratives. Poe's works haunt your head and enjoyment the body. His story lines have left chills up readers' spines pertaining to so many years, and he creates atmospheres that only a vampire will be comfortable in. The work of Edgar Allan Poe has many themes and literary gadgets including placing, symbolism, and importantly imagery.

Imagery is defined as the use of radical language to represent objects, activities, or suggestions. Imagery can be described as language that contains the five senses: ability to hear, seeing, sampling, smelling, and touching. Is it doesn't use of information and description that helps the reader create a mental picture. In every of Poe's narratives, symbolism plays a massive role in his writing. Poe creates a certain mood and theme in the narratives. He is the master of spooky images. Imagery in " The Masque of the Red Death" is ghastly. Poe creates the feelings and placing of the story with the explanation of the red death: " there were well-defined pains, and sudden dizziness, and the profuse bleeding in the pores, with dissolution. " (358) Inside the poem " The Raven" Poe uses imagery in numerous different varieties. One example of imagery is " And the silken, sad unclear rustling of each purple curtain thrilled myself – packed me with fantastic terrors never experienced before; (370) Death is the inevitable, unhappy and unknown aspect of life. The magenta curtain can be 'death' that closes existence. The thrill of death that we fear. An additional narrative Edgar Allan Poe uses imagery in is definitely " The Black Cat". He uses imagery to describe the kitty, picturing the white places. The cats' chest makes it possible to picture " The gallows" when the narrator says: " The light patch was now the image of an awful ghostly issue! It was the GALLOWS! " Poe also uses symbolism in " The Tell-Tale Heart" if he describes the man's eyesight, which is the reason why the homicide...


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