Thoughts on a Even now Night

Jing Ye Dans le cas ou (Thoughts on a Still Night) is the 4th studio project of the well-known Chinese folks singer Gongo Lin Na, which was registered in China and tiawan in 3 years ago. The maker is Gong's husband, Robert Zollitsch. Jing Ye Dans le cas ou is originally one of the most renowned Chinese poetry by the superb poet Li Bai inTang Dynasty. Gongo was born in Gui Yang Province, that has a great populace of different minority ethnic groupings compared to other provinces. Consequently, Gong assimilated the wealthy nutrition from the folk civilizations of Chinese minority cultural groups in her child years. After coming into China Conservatory of Music, Gong started her examine of Chinese traditional people music. During her college time, she also learned tips on how to sing different Chinese regional operas. Following Gong managed to graduate, the environment from the music market in Chinese suppliers was turning into worse and worse [Meng, 135]. She could not bear the unfair therapies she had in China. With the recommendations by Zollistch, who became her husband later, Gong decided to develop her music career in Europe. As a result, after the girl released her first album Kong O qual Fei Strophe (The Peafowl Flies to Here), Gongo headed to Philippines to start her career as a world music artist. Gong's husband, Robert Zollitsch, was born in Munich, Germany. Zollitsch started to find out Bavarian zither, a time-honored Bavarian folks music instrument, when he was a child. Following graduated in the Hochschule fГјr Musik " Hanns Eisler", Zollitsch found China to examine Chinese music and learn how you can play Gu Qin. Gong moved returning to China with Zollitsch in 2010. Now that they live in Beijing. Jing Ye Si is an project that contains number of genres. Traditional Chinese folk music, noble court music, opera, and improvisational music can become found in this album. Furthermore, with Zollitsch as the producer and composer, the perception of this record is not pure classic Chinese style. Instead, a few composing tactics of traditional western classical music are used too. Zollitsch identifies this...

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