1. Laughter is the top quality of being humorous, or the capacity to express yourself within a funny method. Comedy is usually professional entertainment that is designed to make an target audience laugh or be found enjoyable, Comedy is usually planned where humor is the reaction to the comedy in ways. Humor identifies instances of patterns that make us human, comedy is material based. installment payments on your Definitions:

I actually. Satire—the use of humor, paradox, or ridicule to expose and criticize someones stupidity or perhaps vices, in the context of recent politics and other topical concerns. i. at the. Most personal cartoons which usually we witness every day in newspapers and magazines are examples of epigramme. These cartoons criticize a few recent actions of politics figures in a comical way. II. Irony—the expression of your respective meaning through the use of language that normally indicates the opposite, commonly for amusing effect; situation or an event that appears deliberately as opposed to what 1 expects which is often amusing as a result. i actually. e. Paradox is a kind of winking at each various other, as we all be familiar with game of meaning change that is staying played. III. Parody—a write-up, music, etc ., that imitates the kinds of someone or something more in an enjoyable way. i. e. " Police Academy", " Austin Powers", " Scary Movie", etc . IV. Wit—a sort of intelligent humor, the ability to declare or write things that may be clever and usually funny. i actually. e. (A politician needs) the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, a few weeks, next month, and then year. And have the ability after to explain why it did not happen. Versus. Farce—a form of comedy that aims at interesting the audience through situations that are highly high, extravagant, and so improbable (plot twist). i actually. e. It would be well, if all our lives were a divine disaster even, rather than this unimportant comedy or farce. VI. Substantial Comedy—also referred to as ‘pure' humor which is characterized by witty dialog, satire, biting humor, or perhaps criticism of life. we. e. A form of high comedy...


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