Final Paper

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Summer 9, 2013

Josephine Kerr

Final Paper

Community modifications are all over the world. The United States punishes criminals in multiple methods. The author is going to explain what community modification method the usa should emphasis more on later through the entire paper. He can also address how United states of america Prisons beat foreign countries.

Community Modifications

Community Corrections " is actually a program designed to provide an substitute sentencing option to the legal courts for nonviolent offenders” (Garfield County Community Corrections, 2013, p. 1). This program also contains non-violent inmates or inmates on very good behavior that are up for losung or who may have completed the majority of their sentenced time. Community corrections are offered in many claims. They offer the criminals lodging and sometimes a job but they expect them to follow strict guidelines, be closely watched, and most of the time pay fines or service fees ordered by the court. Society is usually even more pleased with this kind of alternative of punishment mainly because they shell out fewer fees and know the criminals may receive the help they need to become law remaining citizens. They only method for this program to work is by the community promoting it. These kinds of criminals will need jobs to allow them to pay for this program they are searching for help by. They need to endure just like anyone else who is paying rent, foodstuff, etc . The only benefit is definitely the cost is a lesser amount of than the majority of non-criminals need to pay to live. Mcdougal believes community corrections are a good way of healthy diet the individual rather than just punishing her / him. The lawbreaker has to face his or her poor behaviors in front of the community who will probably pity or ridicule him. This shame could make the culprit feel bad so that he or she do or bug him or her so bad that he or she can think twice about the criminal patterns. The culprit will work in the community instead...

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