Metropolitan Morphology of Dhaka Town: Spatial Aspect of Growing City as well as the Urban Key

Prof. Doctor Farida Nilufar

Department of Architecture, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) Email: [email protected] com

[Paper offered on the Foreign Seminar for the History, Heritage and Urban Issues of Capital Dhaka, on the event of the Party of 400 years of the main city Dhaka, Arranged by the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 17-19 February 2010. Accepted to get Publication of Asiatic Contemporary society on the Party of four hundred years of the Capital Dhaka, Arranged by the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Accepted in Summer 2010]

ABSTRACT: The primary morphological features of Dhaka city is definitely described below from a historical point of view. Since its business, Dhaka represents domination of an organic spatial character generally. Here in Dhaka, two prominent urban habits are conspicuous within the effective stages of growth; they are the historical core or 'old Dhaka' as well as the later development towards the north, known as 'new Dhaka'. Besides, a few prepared additions are also featured in this city. As a result, this analyze identifies that four significant spatial patterns are co-existent in Dhaka; they are indigenous and informal developments; colonial time and organized interventions. The main morphological features of these patterns, which are common in Dhaka, are described here. Key discussion concentrates on the global spatial structure with the organic city and investigates the characteristics of its growth plus the characteristics of morphological transformations through the age ranges. It analyzes the axial maps of Dhaka and determines from ‘integration' research [based on the approach to Space Syntax as developed in UCL, London, 1984] the fact that spatial structure of the organic city continues to be shaping a great urban main which coincides with the useful centers with the city in different historical stages. Thus the spatial mechanics of Dhaka and its key corresponds to a social record which continues to be as the underlying force behind the spontaneous formation of their morphological composition..

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The city of Dhaka provides arisen more or less spontaneously more than four hundred years. In the record, the development of Dhaka as a city goes back for the 16th century. With the passage of time the entire city grew in a organic way, although it has some parts which have been deliberately created recently by the designers, albeit within a fragmented way. Its several phases are suffering from and organized at distinct historical stages based on the vigour of the particular period of development. Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is continuing to grow from a small Indio trading middle to a locale. Its longevity can be tracked back to 7th century A. D.; yet , Dhaka increased to prominence only after it became the capital of Bengal[1] during the Mughal rule underneath the Muslims in 1610 A. D. For long periods of it is growth Dhaka was limited within the middle ages Mughal key. An early impetus in the regarding a 'new town' away from historic metropolis, however , were only available in around 1764[2]. Regardless of that only after 1906, around the declaration of Dhaka because the capital in the province of East Bengal and Assam, a spectacular development of the city continues to be manifested inside the Ramna green belt outside of the historic key in the modern part of Dhaka. Historian Bradely-Birt noted that " a modern city has started to rise". [Bradely-Birt, 1975: 261] This kind of drift of development was impeded several times due to several political and economic causes. However , following your independence of Bangladesh fresh Dhaka offers experienced a phenomenal growth.

Inside the successive periods of growth, two dominating urban habits are obvious in Dhaka; they are the traditional core or 'old Dhaka' and the after development for the north, generally known as 'new Dhaka'. The traditional kernel of old Dhaka retains the regular features it includes inherited from your past. The natural...


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