Chemical Education Today

Specifically for High School Instructors

by Erica K. Jacobsen

Chemistry during my Kitchen

The Jacobsen home is a peculiar place. The atmosphere can often be more " mad scientist” than " gourmet chef ”. Tests JCE Class Activity types of procedures at home provides an eclectic collection of elements to our counter tops. Our toaster competes for space which has a collection of funnels made from 2-liter plastic drink bottles and rubber stoppers (1). Preparing soda via my space joins citric acid by a natural foods shopping trip, to be cast into bathtub bubblers employing plastic ovum left over via Easter (2). My young kids view this as typical. They want to help with mom's " biochemistry experiments”, as I refer to all of them. They serve water in to the funnels. They will try out the bath bubblers in their night time bath. They are used to discovering ordinary household items intended for something new, for something that is definitely science. We all talk about what we see. Without the explicit educating from me or the usage of specialized terminology, they make observations and in their own way, learn that biochemistry is all around them. A adjacent environment of chemistry and the sharing of real world objects that connect with science may play a large role in helping students (or anyone! ) relate to hormone balance and its ideas. It happens during my kitchen. It occurs in your class room. The beauty of Countrywide Chemistry Week (NCW) is the fact it provides an incredibly easy method to are around students with chemistry that may be related to familiar, everyday items and suggestions. The American Chemical World chooses designs that make connection to the real world because trouble-free as is feasible. The motif for August 17–23, 2005 is " Health and Wellness”; the june 2006 theme is " The enjoyment of Toys”. (Have a submission thought with playthings? Now is the time to start out working on that! ) JCE offers an concern dedicated to mentor resources that connect NCW to multiple parts of your curriculum. Many articles with this issue website link chemistry to items through the...

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photo simply by Jesse Jacobsen


Vol. seventy eight No . 10 October 2005


Diary of Chemical substance Education



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