Hello Mrs/Mr and classmates.

A person's your life path is usually ever changing ever evolving every action or repos, every celebration; decision will alter things even if it's just in an insignificant barely obvious way. Both the texts, this article " like a horror movie” and the image " the migrant mother” use several technologies and language methods to convey the concept of changing lives.

Both text messages represent two different conditions that have greatly changed the lives from the people in the article and the family in the photograph. That they both had a stable life where they were sheltered within warm roof top, but then dropped everything that they owned and became homeless. " How will you feel in the event you lost everything you've proved helpful for in mere seconds? ” it is an unbearable thing.

Although each text uses different language features, they will both illustrate the harm and sufferings that the individuals have faced. The article uses witness's account, truthful and emotive language while the photograph uses visual language, namely, the character's facial expressions, texture and focal point.

To start with, the photograph uses mainly visual language to present a family that is suffering from extreme poverty plus it depicts the determination from the mother to accomplish her better to care for her children also to endure through difficult instances. The different designs used in this kind of photograph like the woman and children's garments that are grubby, tattered and frayed with the edges stand for the cultural and economical status of the mother that suggests that the lady does not have means to retain herself and her family members clean and provided for. Isn't this image effective in selling her severe situation? Her dark eye that are centered on something inside the distance, and her eye brows that are pressed together in a manner that seems that she actually is trying to visit a better long term somewhere inside the distance. She's looking for answers, not submitting to lose hope. Even the existence of a photographer taking a picture of...


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