Facility Planning Component I

Michelle James


August dua puluh enam, 2013

Hanna Matatyaho

Facility Planning Component I

There is also a facility in Plaquemine, Louisiana that is really new to the town. The name of this service is Ochsner of Plaquemine. This clinic is an obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) clinic. " The Ochsner Women's Companies team gives a range of solutions from being pregnant and childbirth to program exams. For expecting mums, the team supplies a variety of childbirth options which include alternative choices such as normal water births, birthing chairs, golf balls and bar stools as well as traditional births and cesarean areas as needed” (Ochsner Health Center, 2013, p. 1 ) ). Ochsner has multiple clinics surrounding the Baton Rouge area. The master of this medical clinic decided to available other treatment centers in countryside areas. This may allow the people outside the better Baton Rouge area ease of access the medical center. This medical clinic is broadening rapidly across Southern Louisiana. This medical center will provide a large number of attributes towards the town of Plaquemine. Oschner is allowing women in rural areas to receive appropriate obstetrics treatment. * Community or service need for the building or restoration. * The city need for the facility was critical. In the city of Plaquemine, there was one particular hospital. The name with this hospital was River Western world Community Clinic (RWCH). This hospital protected emergency room appointments, pediatrics, labor, and delivery. The hospital was shut down in 2008, as a result of lack of money. Oschner medical clinic was greatly needed in this area. Expecting mothers in the location do not have to travelling more than half an hour to receive examined by doctor. * The service need for remodelling was really important. This building was required to wider hallways for wheelchair use. This kind of building likewise needed larger rooms to allow expecting mothers and their households. This building needs more room to store products such as ultra sound equipment. * Kind of population you are providing

* The sort of population...

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