Case Research: Chapter doze – Truly does CompStat Decrease Crime?

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What management, firm, and technology factors make CompStat successful? 6 Can police departments effectively fight crime without the CompStat program?. 7 Is usually community policing incompatible with CompStat? six

Why would officers misreport certain data to CompStat? 8 What should be done about the misreporting of data almost eight How can that be diagnosed? 8




With the growth of computers cu power, software and Internet acceleration, computers and computer applications have became a member of the challenge in the deal with against crime. Starting in 1994, the modern York Town Police Department started applying CompStat (Computer Statistics or Comparative Statistics) crime data source information and analytical equipment. With Ny experiencing remarkable levels of chaotic crime, CompStat allowed the NYPD's executive staff to see maps with crime and arrest places to identify hot spots and then just how best to properly apply police resources where they were the majority of needed. Commanders could dispatch foot patrols into high-crime areas, notify the public about crime trends in a particular area and maximize policing effectiveness (Laudon & Laudon, 2011, l. 482).

(Figure 1) – Criminal offense Data Umschlusselung

CompStat and other commercially available versions have already been adopted by hundreds of law enforcement officials departments through the USA in addition to other countries. The CompStat approach continues to be credited with decreasing criminal offense and enhancing application of hard to find police solutions in the world of ever before decreasing law enforcement officials funding. Law enforcement officials departments in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Austin texas, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Vancouver, British Columbia had been just a few to look at a version in the CompStat offense data traffic monitoring systems (Laudon & Laudon, 2011, s. 482). In 1993, the year before CompStat was implemented, violent crime and murder situations were 195, 352 and 2, 420 respectively. By the end of 95, one year following CompStat's execution in NY, violent criminal offense and murder numbers dropped to 152, 683 and 1, 550 respectively. It was a 2 year decrease of 22% in violent criminal offenses and 36% for murder. By 2010, violent criminal offenses incidences acquired dropped to 75, 977 and tough had lowered to 866. Amazingly, by 1994 to 2010, there have been decreases of 61% pertaining to violence and 64% intended for murder! These kinds of crime data decreases would seem to be a dramatic demonstration intended for why to carry on application of CompStat (The Tragedy Center, 2012). However , actually in the face of the decreasing criminal offenses, critics of CompStat systems state that offense has also lowered in urban areas that would not use CompStat. Additionally , one study claimed that CompStat required police departments to combat crime reactively rather than proactively. Worse yet, a 2009 examinative study identified 33% of respondents who also worked with CompStat were aware of offense data treatment. Many respondents stated that as reducing crime figures were important to an officers' career, there was intense pressure to produce gross annual reductions in crime data. This altered data showing decreased crime rates then basically worked to take out police resources from areas that might have got actually necessary them. There exists a chance that manipulated data may possess cost hails from exchange pertaining to career opportunity. This is unconscionable. It is a shame that pressure to limit crime info to improve career opportunities reflectivity of the gold the amazing CompStat effects (Laudon & Laudon, 2011, p. 482)


What managing, organization, and technology elements make CompStat effective? The New York Law enforcement officials Department arranged the police section management and reporting structure so that area officers reported to a Area Commander. Within the technology end, the Area Commander applied CompStat data and mapping to designate police...

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