ESS Specialist Tech/LPN CHI Audit Type

Facility: _______________________ Med Wagon: __________________ Particular date: _____________ Expert Tech/LPN: Katie Mullins

Information can be contained that is privileged, confidential, and exempt for disclosure under suitable law, and might include details utilized for Quality Assurance purposes. Mediterranean sea Cart/PCC Match Back:

Resident Room Amount Medication Buy NO Prevent Date In PCC NO Exp Date DC'd Mediterranean In PCC Missed Hello. In PCC Charted " 9” In PCC Scientif on Trolley NOT Meet PCC Excessive Supply on Cart Other Comments/ A static correction Needed Medicine Cart Certainly No N/A Comments Are keys owning medication doctor? Is the medicine cart locked? Is mediterranean cart spending organized? Are generally labels spending legible? Are meds correctly stored (not loose or unlabeled)? Are all medication packing containers in time? Are all non-medication items (water/supplements/etc) dated? Are there NO outdated/discontinued floor inventory? Were multi-dose vials/btls/inhalers old when opened up? Are older boxes becoming replaced with new boxes? Will be medications segregated by way of supervision? Is rapidly or different soft foodstuff dated? Treatment Cart Yes No N/A Comments Will be keys in possession of treatment or perhaps charge doctor? Is a back up paper MARLY available? Is usually treatment basket locked? Can be treatment basket clean and arranged? Are all labels clean and clear and consise? Are all health professional prescribed treatments labeled for one resident? Are all pharmaceutical treatments within expiration date? Are all OVER THE COUNTER treatments within expiration day? Are there ZERO discontinued treatments on the basket? Are " Order Change" stickers used where appropriate? Controlled Substances- Med CartsYes NON/AComments Is cabinet/ compartment double-locked? Are merely controlled substances present? Exist NO outdated/discontinued medications? Were...


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