Jennifer Zeszutko

Final Examination

Throughout this course I have discovered a lot about global health insurance and how the globe is damaged every day. My original pitch was that education and consciousness about global health would have to be expanded. I think it is very important for individuals to know how to protect themselves from disease. I didn't change my personal original pitch about global health, nevertheless I would improve it. In my original pitch, I held my thought about instructing the world regarding health only, throughout the program I have learned a lot about culture, and ways that disorders are pass on. I would change my pitch in such a way and say that it is vital to educate and spread understanding about the disease, culture, and prevention. Culture is the approach people feel towards dealing with illness and disease (Arizona State University or college Lecture in Culture and Disease module 6). They might not have confidence in certain treatment options or methods. It is important for people to be educated about lifestyle because each and every person feels differently together different philosophy. Another important point people needs to be educated regarding is epidemiology of diseases. Not only do people need to know preventing disease, nevertheless they should also learn on fatality rate, prevalence, and frequency (Arizona Condition University Address on Epidemiology). Overall, I actually stick simply by my unique proposal and feel that awareness and education is top priority. There are a few weak points and limitations to my own proposal. To start with, I think my proposal was too standard and I should have included what actually people need to be educated about. Another thing I could have elaborated on is definitely how persons could be informed or ways in which awareness could possibly be spread. In each region, the ways people are educated are different because of particular limitations including finances or resources. For instance , here in America, we could employ computers or perhaps Ipads to teach people in global overall health. On the other hand, in Africa, where their methods are very...

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