Apple - An iPod IMC Plan

The Apple iPod can be huge. To get the company to stay this achievement, I published an a sample IMC plan in late 2005 for my Direct Marketing class at West Virginia University. All content can be В© 2004-05 Peter Graber. Executive Synopsis

A major selling story this kind of holiday purchasing season - especially in electronics - is definitely Apple's iPod portable digital music player. Reports reports introduced yesterday by simply Reuters indicate expectations that Apple will certainly double sales of the past quarter, possibly selling over 4 , 000, 000 units. The iPod could be the biggest holiday 'must have' since the Diet programs Patch girl doll or the Rubik's Cube. Even at these types of levels, the participant and its related consumables (music) account for over 25% from the company's earnings. To build on this momentum, this integrated marketing and sales communications plan seeks to educate imaginative consumers about the benefits, convenience and functionality of ipod device use and ownership. The program assumes that Apple will introduce a person at a lower price stage than the current iPod mini, which should attract a new segment of users. For existing iPod owners - around 10 million to date -- the plan likewise seeks to engage this part further. Just because a large percentage of the ipod device user base features only recently purchased the participant, significant chance exists inside the areas of music downloads, add-ons and related services. All of these help Apple's bottom line. Brand Background

Apple Computer is definitely known as the world's most innovative computer company. Many of its products - both past and present - happen to be credited with helping to form how people use and interact with pcs. Apple started out in 1976 and opened by current CEO Steven Jobs, Dorrie Wozniak and Ron Wayne. After a good start with the trailblazing Apple II in 1977, the corporation went on to introduce the Apple Macs in 1984, a product that presented a new and revolutionary main system, along with a series of easy to understand metaphors like the " trashcan", the " note", and many others. This introduced mass-market consumers to the convenience and ease-of-use of a graphical user interface and changed the nature of personal calculating. The whole pc industry might follow Apple's lead. Sadly, many of Pears accomplishments when it comes to product development and design have been outweighed by the prominence of the Microsoft company Windows main system. Ironically, the personal computer wave that Apple helped make largely bypassed the company. While the company was quickly accepted by the innovative industries through its early on focus on computer's desktop publishing and media creation, business and home users predominantly find the Microsoft program because it was cheaper, more widely used, presented greater software program selections and was much easier to acquire. Apple's worldwide os market share peaked in 1986 by 16%, although is currently approximated to be lower than 3%. Moreover issues, Apple continues to leveraging its innovation skills to create new opportunities. A recent example of this has been the Apple ipod device, a portable digital music player released by the company with huge success. To date, the ipod device commands above 90% of the market to get digital music players. Dovetailing with this kind of success is usually Apple's innovative iTunes Music Store (ITMS) - the first service to offer officially purchasable digital music downloads available. Since its release in Apr of recently, over 2 hundred million songs have been purchased and downloaded through the service. These quantities are expected to increase along with greater amounts of iPod users. Because of the iPod and the iTunes service, Apple has seen a huge increase in the number of fresh users to its products and has created a strong channel to push further revenue growth. Past revenue, however , these developments suggest that Apple can preserve relevance to consumers in new ways, types not purely centered on their...


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