Animal Shelters Overcrowding

Whenever someone mentions creating a pet, a picture of fuzzy little dogs, cats, or other small creatures that help satisfy a person's daily lives comes to mind. What escapes thought nevertheless , is the vast number of family pets that are still left to roam the pavements to fend for themselves and compelled to fight for every meal or the approximately 6-8 million animals that manage to find their way to an animal shelters or rescues (The Humane Contemporary society of the United States [HSUS], August 26, 2009) in hopes of finding a house where they can become a element of a family. Domestic animal overpopulation is an epidemic that must be helped bring under control since animal shelters are extremely overpopulated that almost all have to be euthanized to make area for more pets. Several methods are available to help reduce this overpopulation problem including spay or perhaps neutering an animal or adopting an animal by an animal shelter or save. People burning off interest in the dog or not researching what they are getting are only a couple of examples of why animals are being abandoned in an alarming level. More recently, the economy is playing a vital role in the overpopulation of shield. The effects of the economic recession are devastating for families, with all the highest lack of employment and property foreclosure rates in United States history. As family members are forced to tighten their particular belts and reduce spending, animals are one of the initial to go. Since the economy continue to be decline, even more domestic animal will be being converted loose or perhaps abandoned to perform just that, fend for themselves. These animals will be appearing in shelters in an alarming price. It is estimated that 70 million canines and seventy five millions cats and kittens are owned in the United States (HSUS, 2009). Nearly all these pets came to the owners for little to no expense, either through a pal or friends and family, adoption coming from an animal shield, or gathering a stray from the pavements. Most of these family pets, approximately 75% are spayed or neutered (HSUS,...


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