Albert Bandura Theory

T. Bailey

SS124 Mindset

Doctor Karen Clerk

August 3, 2012

Albert Bandura's theory (The Mendrugo Doll Experiment) states that children study aggressive behavior throughout the media, and by observing other folks and the environment. He explained that many persons believed that aggression can produce reinforcements. " These reinforcements can easily formulate in reduction of tension, attaining financial benefits, or attaining the praise of others, or building self-esteem” (Siegel, 1992, p. 171). Bandura feels that this aggressive like behavior is stemmed from a process called hostile modeling. My spouse and i disagree with this theory because there are many folks in the world to base his theory upon something that is not even truthful. There are many factors when considering a child's tendencies. Does that child possess a violent nature? Is the fact child an all-natural introvert? These kinds of variables play a huge component when considering when a child can respond to assault. An introvert child is actually a child who will be better off getting alone (Dictionary. com). They will shelter inside themselves. They will draw energy and confidence from staying alone and staying to themselves. A child like this tends to avoid groups and group activities. Often times, violent crimes and aggressive behavior are spawned by a group or gang of likeminded people. Introverted kids will more than likely not be involved with such gathering of habit. According to a article, Children and TV Violence, Dorothy Davis (2010) indicated that " Even though some children emulate the violence they find on the TELEVISION, more introverted children get scared instead” ( At times, children simply take a natural interest to chaotic behavior. It does not necessarily be related to the upbringing or environmental state. In some cases, the best parents have the worst children. No person is responsible for the outcome of that child's behavior but the child by itself. The child is a only beholder...

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