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ACCTG 117 Salaries Accounting Supervision

Monday Early morning Class


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Questions for Review

1 . The Section of Labor enforces the Fair Labor Act which will sets the fundamental federal minimal wage for $ six. 25 hourly and for your California's minimum wage is usually $ almost eight. 00 each hour. 2 . The knowledge that needs to be taken care of by FLSA concerning employees' wages earned is info about several hours worked. a few. An employer pays half of it and personnel pays for the other half. If the person is self-employed, you're able to pay the two halves. four. The taxes paid to the Federal government (FUTA tax) are accustomed to pay the state and federal and administrative expenses incurred in functioning the overall lack of employment insurance program. The taxes paid for the various point out governments (SUTA) are used to shell out the unemployment compensation rewards to certified unemployed staff 5. The act, because amended, forbids employers to discriminate in hiring, firing, promoting, reimbursement, or any other condition of career on the basis of competition, color, faith, gender, or perhaps national origins. 6. Defends individuals who are 5 decades of age or older coming from employment elegance based on age group. 7. Yes, A key exemption is business owners who are 65 or older and who have placed high policy-making positions throughout the two-year period prior to pension. If such an employee is entitled to an annual retirement benefit from the employer of at least $44, 000, the employee can be forcibly retired. 8. The Act includes employees who have produce, assemble, handle, or ship goods under these types of contracts. 9. The Work established the procedure for environment occupational protection and well being exposure specifications, authorized OSHA to inspect exclusive business for compliance and issue the review Omission before going to he courts. 10. 12 weeks

eleven. The legal guidelines safeguards monthly pension funds by regulating how the funds should be raised and disbursed, whom controls...


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