A review of the contemporary understanding of bovine tuberculosis and govt policy in Iran

Keyvan Tadayon a, b, Ken Forbes m, Davoud Soleimani c, Reza Aref Pajoohi a, Bahman Marhmati c, Jamaloddin Javidi c, Rouholah Keshavarz a, Kioomars Soleimani a, Ali Shakibamehr a, Mohammad Mohammad Taheri a, Shojaat Dashti Pour a, Nader Mosavari a, 5. a Razi Vaccine & Serum Analysis Institute, Karaj, Iran

n Medical Microbiology Department, Medical School, Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK c Iranian Veterinary Corporation, Tehran, Iran

1 . Advantages

With more than 40 Says currently recognized in Asia, there

are 7 nations that have detailed test-and-slaughter

programs against BTB. Practically, this kind of translates to just 6% of some 400 million bovids of the region being

included in test and slaughter programmes (Cosivi et al.,

1998). There are only a few information on the epidemiology of

BTB in Asia, namely coming from Pakistan (Niaz and Siddiqi, 1979),

India (Chowdhury ainsi que al., 2002), Turkey (Ozmen et ing.,

2005), Nepal (Jha ain al., 2007), Korea (Kim et al., 2002),

Asia (Itoh ou al., 1992), China (Chen et ing., 2009) and Iran (Mohammadi, 1984; Tadayon et 's., 2008).

2 . Biogeography of BTB in Iran

To explain the epidemiology of BTB in Iran, the total annual

Iranian Veterinary Organisation (IVO) records through the

mid 1980s were collated and examined. Along with this

info, other released data sources from IVO for the

period 1940s through to 1972s were also looked at

(Khavari Khorasani, 1999; Mohammadi, 1984). This kind of

provided a comparatively extensive record of epidemiology

of BTB in Serbia, despite some of the older documents being

unfinished (Fig. 1).

2 . 1 ) Historical details

In 1931 Carpantier, a French vet noticed BTB

specific lesions in charpente of zebu cattle slaughtered in

the Tehran bouge, the initially report with this disease in Iran (Khavari Khorasani, 1999; Mohammadi, 1984).

In 1935 the initial modern, Western european style, cows farm



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