Little road capacity is the main reason for the traffic congestion. When a volume of traffic or modal split generates demand for space more than the offered road potential, traffic congestion arises. So , a lot of vehicles, too old or perhaps narrow roads, and some other immature street infrastructure is going to lead to traffic jam. For example , in Sao Paulo City, Brazil, almost one thousand new autos are bought every day, even though the capacity of public travel is quite limited: subway provides only 35 miles of lines, and lots of roads are old and bad condition. As a result, citizens spend 3 to 4 hours when driving every day, making Sao Paulo the city with worst traffic congestion in the world.

Targeted traffic accident is yet another problem contributes to traffic jam. Some are caused by highway works and weather events, but for quite often, this situation features to lax traffic rules and householder's disregard of which.

Though there are some problems ultimately causing traffic jam, they can be solved by simply some actions. Solutions to tiny road potential should be the improvement of road condition. More and wider roads, even underground railways and tunnels ought to be laid right down to relieve traffic congestion. At the same time, better public transportation systems are also required, including tour bus, MRT, LRT and many others. To lessen traffic mishaps, stricter traffic laws and regulations should be issued. Government authorities should also enhance the public knowing of traffic rules through education.

Solutions like using tighter laws and regulations can be easily used, but the structure of better targeted traffic facilities and public transportation requires big economic support. In addition , public education also needs time to practice. So in a short time, we even now cannot fix this problem extremely satisfyingly.


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