Do the work in the respective subject laptops or in accordance with the instructions offered. Revise the task done in the class.


1 . To paraphrase a composition is to express what is said or drafted in the poem in a writing form. This really is done in in an attempt to make the poem easy to understand and simplify someone else's spoken or written phrases. Write a sonnet (14 lines poem) and paraphrase this. These tips can help you paraphrase a poem. a. Replace words from the composition with word and phrase replacements [similar meaning words]. b. Replace the voice [active/passive] in the lines of the poem. 2 . (any 5) (any 4)

a. Imagine that you are on a ‘Time Machine'. Where you might go, what would you do and which would you talk to? Write the experience in about 120-140 words. Emphasize with colour pencils every one of the determiners that you use. m. Our younger generation is definitely blindly imitating the western. As a result there is certainly often a tussle between adolescents and parents. The idealism with the aged as well as the realism of the youth result in conflict. Publish an article indicating ways to link this at any time widening ‘Generation Gap'.

three or more. a. Create a letter on your friend in foreign countries and tell her about the climate of your country. Simply tell him /her which can be your favourite season and why? Likewise invite him/ her to see India. n. Hunting is no longer a manly, heroic sport. It is regarded as being a terrible act because there is hardly anything courageous about eliminating defenseless, left without words animals. As a member of the Eco- club of your school, write a speech for the topic ‘Ban All Hunting and Poaching, Let Animals Live'. some. Read lessons 2 & 3 of the novel – ‘Goodbye Mr Chipps' and write about virtually any character which impressed you the most.


1 . Attempt ‘Try These' questions succumbed your text message Book of Ch- you Rational Quantities, Ch – 2 Geradlinig Equations and Ch-3 Understanding Quadrilaterals within your notebook. installment payments on your Do worksheets 5 to 8 of Ch-2 in Mental Maths Book. 3....


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