п»ї1. 1 Reasons why organisations needs to collect and record HR data An organisation may collect an array of data to help the business from other day to day running to a strategic, organizing level. At a minimum all businesses should hold personal specifics for their staff, such as their bank specifics to shell out them every month or unexpected emergency contact numbers, in case you need to speak to next of kin for almost any reason.

Data also need to be kept for research purposes when business moves (TUPE) happens. Employees are entitled to the same stipulations as their earlier company therefore when a transfer happens, the transferor must make sure they are rendering the required, in depth information for the transferee to complete procedures.

1 . 2Type of data that is gathered and how this supports HUMAN RESOURCES Practice

Attendance / Shortage Data

It really is useful to keep an eye on your employees' attendance or sickness documents, as not simply will it support alert a company to any potential issues with individuals but it may also come in useful for spotting developments. For example , happen to be employees off with stress for especially times of the year and if so , what can the employer perform to ease this.

Appraisal Documents

This is certainly particularly beneficial when you are determining an employer's performance which may involve establishing goals. By keeping these in record you cannot only determine any schooling needs but use the paperwork as a reference for long term reviews and planning.

1 . several Methods of keeping records and the benefits of every

Two strategies of storing data are manual and computerised.


Manual records identifies a paper based record keeping system, whereby files happen to be physically kept in a protected and fire proof environment.

This technique is easy to build as it does not involve the need to learn a computer software and is relatively cheap (though may be pricey to maintain). Furthermore, you are less more likely to lose info through corrupt files, people...


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